Friday, September 12, 2014

World Premiere

Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, commissioned composer the 2014 Competition, has been present for all four world premiere performances of her new piece Fantasy for solo Violin. Typically, the composer is present for the world premiere and stays for the remainder of that day to appreciate the interpretations of the violinists. However, this is a special case. Ms. Zwilich was asked by Jury President Jaime Laredo to sit on the jury as a substitute for Pamela Frank. This gives her a unique opportunity to not only hear her piece premiered 16 times by incredible violinists, but to critique the performances. Due to the jury rules, members are unable to discuss their evaluations of performers. The jury is only able to discuss the piece in general without making remarks about an observed participant. One can only guess what Ms. Zwilich has been thinking as she watches her piece unfold throughout the evening.

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1 comment:

  1. Apparently Ms Zwilich was eventually interviewed by your broadcast commentators yesterday afternoon. Might that interview be presented here? Thanks, we're enjoying this greatly.