Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thoughts and Relflections

As the 2014 International Violin Competition of Indianapolis came to an end on Sunday, we all had to say goodbye to new and old friends. So many people all across the world were witness to another three weeks of amazing virtuosic performances. These men and women love what they do and we couldn't be more thankful that they shared their passion with us during every aspect of the Competition.

In the Closing Ceremonies, we were once again able to hear performances from the 2014 Laureates. What an incredible opportunity this was. These women were being rushed from here to there, in the hall to backstage, given a medal and then given a violin. Even with the structured chaos, each were magnificent as they played on the Scottish Rite Cathedral stage for their last time during the 2014 Competition. Once the Ceremony ended, the audience was able to meet and congratulate the Laureates on their accomplishments.

I met with Jinjoo, Tessa, Ji Young, Yoo Jin, Dami, and Ji Yoon during the reception after the Ceremony. Each Laureate has mentioned countless times during the Competition that they absolutely love music. They love the expression and passion music brings, and they always look for how they can continue to improve. As things were winding down from the excitement, we talked about where they were headed next. Some were going home for a well deserved rest, some back to school to continue their studies, and though they all had three weeks in Indianapolis, time seemed to fly by.

As I look back on these past months, I couldn't be more grateful for my entire experience. As a senior Arts Administration major at Butler University, I find myself surrounded by academically skilled and musically talented people every day. At the Competition, I began to feel integrated into the "Real World" and I loved it. The constant work of the Competition kept me on my toes while meeting more and more people from all over; I wouldn't have had it any other way.

We at the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis wish ALL participants in this year's Competition the best of luck in their future careers, competitions and life. Thank you all so much for sharing your music with us and with the world!

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  1. Well said, Sean. As a long-time Host Family we enjoy hearing all the participants perform and, of course were privileged, once again, to get to know "our" talented violinist and become her cheering section as well as her Indy Family. We wish all the best for this year's Laureates - and all the participants - as they continue to share their talents with the world.