Friday, September 12, 2014

Participant Achievements

As most may have gathered from the past week's performances, these violinist's are internationally renowned and seasoned competitors. Musical talent and passion bloomed within these violinists at an early age and they steadily grew into virtuosos traveling and competing around the world.

Below are just a few of their competitions and achievements:

Ermir Abeshi - Laureate of the 2012 Queen Elizabeth Competition and 2nd Prize winner at the Lipizer and Valsesia Competitions.

Daniel Cho - New York debut presented by the Korea Music Foundation and member of the Sejong Soloists.

Jinjoo Cho - Winner of the 2006 Montreal, 2010 Buenos Aires and Laureate of the 2005 Stulberg Competitions.

Jung Min Choi - Winner of the Eqha Kyung Hyang, Music Chunchoo, and Hanmi Competitions.

Lousha Fang - Winner of the Astral Aritsts' 2013 National Auditions and Laureate of the 2010 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition as the First Violinist of the Chimeng Quartet.

Kristi Gjezi - Prizewinner at the Oistrakh, Sarasate, T. Varga, and Neveu Competitions.

Ui-Youn Hong - Prizewinner at Corpus Chrisi, Oleh Krysa, Sarasate and Neilson Competitions

Petteri Iivonen - Prizewinner at the 2010 Sibelius Competition.

Yoo Jin Jang - Winner at the Munetsugu Angel Violin Competition and Prizewinner at the Tchaikovsky Homeland International Competition, Menuhin Competition and more.

Tianyun Jia - Prizewinner at the 2006 National Violin Performance Competition in China and 2011 China International Competition.

Wonyoung Jung - Prizewinner at the Michael Hill International Violin Competition and Participant at the Montreal International Musical Competition.

Suyeon Kang - Prizewinner at the Menuhin, Buenos Aires, Bayreuth, and Leopold Mozart Competitions.

Nadir Kashimov - Prizewinner at the Yankelevich, Michael Hill, Sarasate and Paganini International Violin Competitions.

Bomsori Kim - Prizewinner at the 2010 Sendai International Violin Competition and Laureate of the International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition.

Dami Kim - Winner at the 2012 Hannover, 2011 Munetsugu Angel, and 2010 Premio Paganini Competitions.

Stephen Kim - Prizewinner at the 2014 Menuhin Competition

Mairya Krasnyuk - Winner at Cologne, Postacchini, 21st Century and Kocian Competitions.

Tessa Lark - Winner of the 2012 Naumburg Award and recipient of a career grant form the Leonore Anneberg Fellowship.

Ji Yoon Lee - Laureate at the Sarasate and Winner at the Oistrakh Competitions.

Shannon Lee - Recipient of the Davidson Fellows Award and the Texas Young Masters Scholarship.

Youjin Lee - Winner of the 2013 Irving M. Klein and Stulberg Competitions.

Christine Lim - Winner at the 2007 Kloster Schöntal International Violin Competition and Prizewinner at the 2008 Minuhin International Violin Competition.

Ji Young Lim - Prizewinner at the 2013 Montreal and Winner at the 2013 Euroasia Competitions.

Richard Lim - Winner and Audience Prize Recipient at the 2013 Sendai International Violin Competition and Laureate at the 2011 Michael Hill International Violin Competition.

Jennifer Liu - Winner at the 2013 Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld Competition.

Vladyslava Luchenko - Prizewinner in the Tibor Varga, Oistrakh and Andrea Postacchini Competitions.

Dominika Prezch - Laureate and winner of two special prizes at the Szymanowski Competition.

Anna Savkina - Winner of the 2007 Spohr and 2008 Oistrakh Competitions and Prizewinner at the 2013 Sendai Competition.

Andrea Segar - Winner in the Washington International String Competition and the ASTA National Solo Competition.

Ji-Won Song - Winner and Audience Prize Recipient at the Schadt Competition in 2012.

Chiharu Taki - Winner of the 2001 Novosbirsk and 2002 Minuhin International Violin Competition

Yu-Chien Tseng - Laureate and recipient of the Audience Award in the 2012 Queen Elizabeth Competition and Winner of the 2011 Sarasate and Isang Yun International Violin Competition.

Ayana Tsuji - Laureate of the Munetsugu Angel Violin Competition and Winner at the Osaka Competition.

Danbi Um - Prizewinner at the 2009 Michael Hill International Competition.

Stephen Waarts - Winner of the 2014 Menuhin and 2013 Young Artists Competitions

Nancy Zhou - Winner in the 2009 Johansen and Chinese International Violin Competitions. She is also a Laureate of the 2012 Queen Elizabeth Competition.

Andi Zhang - Winner at the 2009 National Violin Competition of China and Prizewinner at the 2010 Stradivarius International Violin Competition.

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